Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camping in the Florida Panhandle

We are currently staying in a nice, laid back park in Mexico Beach, FL. The RV Park is Rustic Sands. Mexico Beach is about twenty miles East of Panama City.
We pulled into Rustic Sands Monday afternoon and will be here until tomorrow. This is a region of Florida that we have not spent much time in the past, but it is a nice area, especially in the summer. There are a series of small, quant Gulf-side settlements lined along highway 98. It reminds me of areas in New England.
Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon fighting a virus in my computer. My email account began sending out emails to everyone in my address book with only a link inside. My daughter, Marcene, called me after receiving hers, and let me know that when she clicked on the attachment her computer froze. Fortunately, after getting some expert help, they were able to get their computer back up and running.
I contacted Norton, my main security software, and after hours with their techs, solved my virus problems. For $99.99, they took over my computer and rid my hard drive of the virus. I thought the charge was a little excessive, but I know nothing about how to go about virus hunting. While they were in my computer they also cleaned everything up and it is running much faster now. That helps me justify the fee. Life isn’t all that bad.


  1. My local computer shop does a "tune up" for $100 so when you consider you got rid of the virus as well it does not seem so bad.

  2. We stayed at Rustic Sands in December-ish 2009. We loved the Mexico Beach area but wasn't overly fond of the park. I'm guessing the reason was we expected palm trees not pine trees. Well, it might also have something to do with the constant rain that year. We never thought it would stop raining or the lakes around us would go away. We finally pulled out and headed back to Arizona for the rest of the winter. The good part about having a home on wheels is if you don't like it, you can leave!

    Happy Travels!!

    Just Wanderin'