Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lannie's Sixth Birthday

In addition to it being Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day all you Moms, it is also Lannie, our grandaughter's, birthday. Six years ago today, she was born on Mother's Day. This is the first year since that both celebrations have been on the same date, so it is a special year for Lannie.

Make a Wish
Donna, Joey, Riley and Lannie came up for the weekend so we could all celebrate the occasion together. We had a nice visit last night and today. After a dinner consisting of Roast Pork Lion, French Fries and Baked beans, we brought out the Birthday cake. Lannie did a great job of blowing out the candle. Of course, she made a wish beforehand.

Cutting the Cake
Everyone was waiting for Lannie to cut the cake so we could have a piece. Once the cake was cut and the pieces were handed out, we all enjoyed our cake.

Of course, Lannie was dying to open her presents, so we had to eat fast.

Lots of presents
Finally, the part that Lannie was waiting for came..... Opening her presents. She received lot's of great presents, but the one she seemed to like best was the cash money. I guess she takes after her Grandad.

Lannie counting her money

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