Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At the Hospital

Yesterday morning, Dodie awoke to discover that her right arm and hand were numb. She was not able to bend her elbow or use her arm. Suspicioning that she may have had a stroke, we went to the Emergency Room of Lakeland Regional Medical Center to check out the problem. After a CT scan, the doctors eliminated the possibility that she had a stroke, but had no idea what could be causing the loss of fealing and use in her arm.

The doctors decided to admit her into the hospital, and scheduled a large battery of tests to be performed today. Hopefully, we will know what the cause is before the day is out.

I'll report back in a new posting as soon as I get some answers from her doctors.


  1. Give Dodi our best wishes, Paul! We will watch for further news.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I will definately give Dodie your best. Tests most of the day. I'm not sure how nany results we'll get today.

  3. We hope everything is going well for you, Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a good outcome.