Friday, April 1, 2011

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

The GPS function on your Smart Phone can lead criminals to you or your kids when you post pictures on the web. Information can be determined as to the exact location of your home, your kids bedroom, their day care, the park they play in, etc. if you do not go into your settings and turn this feature off. Below is a link to a video on YouTube that explains this risk, and how to turn the GPS off for your camera.

It only takes a few minutes to watch this video, and it could keep you and your loved ones out of harms way.

I went on my IPhone and followed their instruction. For my phone this is the sequence I followed to turn off the GPS function on the camera only.

  1. On the main menu I touched settings.
  2. Touch "General".
  3. Touch "Location Services" (Don't turn this off as it will eliminate all GPS functions)
  4. From the list of GPS functions, turn off camera. You have a choice of turning off any function that your phone uses GPS, but I only turned off the camara.
It only takes a few moments to do, and you and
your loved ones will be safer as a result.

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