Sunday, April 3, 2011

Having Fun with the Grandson

Pop Pop & Wyatt

Joey, Renee & Wyatt spent the week-end at our home in Lakeland.  Dodie and I have had a ball playing with our grandson Wyatt. He is at that cute, irresistible age. He is old enough so he responds to you, but not old enough to give you a hard time. We took lots of pictures and here is a sampling of them.

Granny & Wyatt

When he wasn't terrorising our two cats, he was trying to move the furniture, or at least the magazine basket in our living room. He could not understand why it wouldn't move...

Wyatt playing Tug-A-War with the magazine basket

Renee, Joey & Wyatt

It was a great week-end and we hated to see them go.

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