Saturday, April 2, 2011

A beautiful weekend in Florida

After the storm fronts that raged through the state Thursday, it is great to have our Florida sunshine back. We have experienced near perfect weather all day, and the weatherman predicts more of the same for tomorrow.

Joey and Renee, along with Wyatt, came over from Tampa for the weekend. Dodie and I have been having a ball playing with our grandson. He is now crawling like an expert, so it is tough to keep up with him. He terrorizes our two cats, and actually catches up with them occasionally. When he does, he grabs a handful of fur, looking up at us with a big smile, showing his three new teeth. Both cats are learning to hide.

I grilled pork chops on the grill tonight and served them with french fries and collard greens. A good southern meal. We topped off dinner with key lime pie that I had prepared earlier in the day. I hate to brag, but it was much better than the one we bought in the Keys last week.

I called my daughter, Kim, and wished her a happy birthday this morning. Again.... Happy Birthday Kim, I love you. 

I promise to post some updated pictures of Wyatt tomorrow.

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