Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Great day at "Old Town" with my daughter & Family

It was a beautiful day here in Florida. I had scheduled to meet my oldest daughter, Marcene, her husband, Dan and my granddaughter, Tori in Kissimmee, FL for lunch today. The weather was so nice; I put the top down on my Mustang and cruised along I-4 to Kissimmee for our lunch date. We met at “Old Town” on route 192 by Disney World. This is a unique spot filled with restaurants, novelty shops and various amusement rides.

We had agreed to start our visit by having lunch at “Kool Katz” restaurant. Arriving a few moments before Marcene and her family, I settled down on the outside patio (the table underneath the Oldsmobile convertible in the picture) and enjoyed a Bloody Mary while I waited for them. Dan had decided that it was a perfect day to get some time on his bike, so he drove his Harley, following Marcene and Tori in their car. Dan has become a weekend warrior, and just could not pass up the opportunity to get some bike time in. I suggested that he should get a sidecar so they could all three ride on the bike.

When they arrived, we decided to be seated inside the restaurant in order to let Dan cool down from his ride. His face was flushed and Marcene was concerned he was getting overheated. I will have to admit that I was somewhat warm myself, after riding with the top down. We enjoyed a delicious meal with good conversation, catching up with each other’s lives since we had last visited. I ordered a Reuben sandwich, one of my favorite dishes. It was excellent.

After lunch, we all walked around and checked out the many novelty stores included in the "Old Town" complex. They have lots of unique shops to browse through, and we hit them all. We refrained from participating on any of the rides, but did linger at the “Haunted Grim House”. We enjoyed talking to some of the characters there

Tori found a cute boy while we were there, but I thought that he was a little on the strange side. I guess Granddad is a bit over protective….

It was a great day, visiting with Marcene and her family. They live in Palm Bay, FL on the East coast, so we meet somewhere in the middle occasionally. That way no one has to drive too far. I hope that they will be able to come to our house for a full weekend sometime in May.

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