Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Visiting with Nick

Nick, our Russian friend arrived just before midnight last night after pedaling his bicycle approximately sixty miles from the west side of Tampa. We were up extremely late, drinking wine and catching up. It was great seeing my good friend after him being in Panama for the last two months. He fell in love with Panama, and could not stop talking about all of its wonders.

Later in the day, Nick helped me repair the automatic steps on my motor home. I bent them badly while pulling into my spot here at the house after arriving home from our trip to the Keys and Okeechobee. In addition, I disassembled the pressure regulator assembly on my compressor and was able to repair it. That saved me over eighty dollars for a new regulator. Life is good....

Nick enjoying his internet connection

Sergey, Tanya, Nick & Dodie during a past visit

We slept in late this morning. After a couple cups of coffee. Nick could not wait to get on my laptop and start copying files of the many pictures he had taken while in Panama. He also put Skype to good use, calling many of his friends all around the world.

I took part in a video call to Sergey & Tanya, Nicks close friends, in Moscow. They have visited us here in Lakeland several times. It was great to catch up with them. They informed me that they would be back in the States in October, but unfortunately, they will not be able to make it to Florida. Sergey's Mom lives in Boston and they will be spending time with her after traveling throughout the West coast. I hope that they will visit us next trip.

I grilled pork chops on the grill, and we feasted on the chops along with French fries, green beans and applesauce. Unfortunately, Dodie did not sleep all night, and had finally fallen to sleep before dinner. We saved some for her in case she wakes up hungry.

Nick with girlfriend, Stasia

Nick showed me some of the many pictures from Panama, including a Russian girl he met while there with him on the beach. She is a singer performing in Panama City. Nick is like a magnet when it comes to meeting pretty girls wherever he is. When he was traveling with Dodie and me in Mexico, everywhere we went, he found a new girl. It must be nice to be young.

Nick and I are both dragging our feet, so I expect it to be an early night.

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