Thursday, April 14, 2011

Work day at home

We were up at five O’clock this morning to have coffee with big & little Johnnie before they left for home in South Carolina. It was a short stay, but it was nice to see them if only for a short time.
Nick decided to stay an extra day, so I put him to work helping me work on the motor home. We repaired the automatic entrance steps that I bent (badly) when I pulled into our parking spot here at the house in Lakeland. This was caused by the door being opened just as I approached a raised cement step on the corner of the patio, causing the steps to come down and collide with the cement. The steps lost the battle, and ended up severely bent. Nick & I worked tirelessly at straightening all of the braces and finally got everything back in alignment.

Expensive Bolt Assembly
One bolt on the steps assembly sheered during the collision. It is a unique bolt assembly. It has a special sleeve that could not be found locally. We put a standard bolt in temporarily, and I ordered a new assembly from the manufacturer. This assembly is priced at $15.75 plus tax and shipping. Quite a pricey little part, but I could not complain, as I would never find a replacement from another source.

In addition, we installed the new door on my refrigerator that had been ordered. For anyone new to my blog, the lower hinge broke on my Norcold fridge while we were in the Keys. I made a temporary repair, which lasted us until we returned home, but I feared that it would not hold up much longer.
Amoung a few other repairs, which I will not bore you with, we did accomplish fixing the door closer that was busted during the step mishap. Don't ask.....

Later, we grilled hamburgers on the grill. It's going to be an early evening. I am not accustomed to rising at five in the morning. Retirees are allowed to sleep in a little later than that. At least this retiree is.


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