Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally the fallen tree is gone

This was a day devoted to yard work. Since Derrick, my yard boy, was working today, I went to Sears and purchased a new chain for my chain saw. After installing the chain, I went out and declared war on the petrified fallen tree trunk. With the new chain, I was able to cut the trunk into manageable pieces and Derrick hauled them out to the curb for the refuge removal team to pick up.

After the tree clean up was accomplished, everything went downhill rapidly. My riding mower started cutting out every time the blades were engaged. After tracing the wiring throughout the mower, I discovered that the kill switch mounted under the seat was defective. The switch is designed for the purpose of cutting off the engine in the event that the rider is thrown off the mower. Off again to Sears. I purchased a new kill switch and installed it, putting the mower back in action. Next, we needed to inflate one of the tractor's tires only to discover that the regulator on my compressor blew a diaphragm. It was leaking air almost as fast as it was building up pressure. We did manage to inflate the tire, but I will need to replace the regulator. I disassembled the regulator assembly, but was unable to locate the proper regulator. I was told that this will need to be ordered and will cost over $80.00. Before ordering the regulator, I plan to do some shopping and hopefully be able to find a regulator that I can adapt to my compressor for considerably less cost. This will need to be another day's project since I will have to order the parts. If all of these problems were not enough to deal with, I bent one of the mower blades. Off again to Sears for a new blade. By the time I returned with the blade, it was becoming too late to install it and finish mowing the two acres, so I will finish tomorrow.

On a more positive note, it was a beautiful day here in Lakeland, and they are forecasting more of the same tomorrow. Also, our government did not shut down. I am hoping that they will come to an agreement by next Thursday that will give us the proper formula for correcting our crisis. At least we can hope.

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