Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A New Member of the Family

Dodie's brother, Johnie and his Grandson, little Johnie brought a dog from South Carolina today. They left Harleyville, South Carolina at 6:00 AM and drove all the way to Lakeland just to bring the dog. Now that's brotherly love...

Dodie with her new dog, Skeeter

 She has been wanting a small dog for some time. They had a friend that needed to find a home for "Skeeter", so now Dodie has her dog. She promises to walk Skeeter faithfully and take care of him. From the picture, you can see that he has made himself right at home.

Boys night out
We had a great visit with big and little Johnnie, plus, Nick is still here also. Dodie stayed at home and played with her new dog, while us four guys went to Steak & Shake for dinner. We had a great waitress named Ava, who took our picture. Sorry about the light spot in the upper left hand corner. Ava was a good sport, and we had to include a picture of her, too.

Nick & our waitress, Ava


  1. How do the cats like their new "roomie"?

  2. So far, they are ignoring him. There haven't been any fights yet....