Monday, March 14, 2011

Another day at home

Croft & I hooked up the jet boat and trailered it to my friends boat dealership (Old Salt Marine) to have them install a VHF antenna. We planned to take the boat to Lake Morton and put it through its paces afterward, but after getting slambed with some emergency engine work, Donald ask if I could leave the boat for the antenna installation. There went our boat ride for today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

After breakfast at Waffle House, we returned to the house. I mowed the grass, which admittedly was more productive than a boat ride, while Croft busied himself with the task of preparing his motor home for their trip home. Actually, most of his effort was devoted to making sure Norma got everything ready. Yes, our good friends are leaving us on Wednesday morning. We'll hate to see them go.

Croft, Norma, Dodie and I decided to return to our favorite Chinese buffet for Crab legs, shrimp, oysters and sushi. At least that's what we consentrated on when we hit the buffet table. For $10.95 each the place has to lose money on us.
When we pulled up to the buffet, to our amazement, the trailer pictured above was consuming five prime parking spots in front of the Restaurant, including a disabled spot. After parking in a spot much farther  away than the trailer, we walked into the restaurant and ask the hostess why the trailer was blocking their parking spaces. With a bewildered look on her face, she pointed over at a grubby couple sitting at a booth. She stated in a not-so-soft voice "I ask them politely to move their rig and they refused." The couple totally ignored our conversation with the hostess, even after we made some choice comments about how rude they were. Turns out they are some sort of religous vagabonds traveling around the country. In my opinion, they were not setting a good example for how "servants of God" should conduct themselves. Oh well, I've said my peace.

We did enjoy our dinner and conversation with our Canadian friends, and when we left, the couple was on their seventh plate of food and still going.  


  1. The Lord provides in mysterious ways. In this case pigging out at a Chinese Buffet with your $500 trailer taking up all the parking spaces out front. The "wife" told the hostess she was handicapped but she had no problem making it from her table up the crab legs several times!

    "After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands."
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. Welcome to Blogland!

    That doesn't say much for claiming to be Christians, taking up all those spaces with an old trailer.
    If I parked in a handicapped spot, I would get a ticket, I wonder where the law was that night?

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX