Sunday, March 27, 2011

Extra day at Silver Palms RV Village

We decided to stay another day at Silver Palms RV Village. Dodie's eye is still giving her trouble, but seems to be somewhat better. Hopefully, we can head back to Lakeland tomorrow.

I started the day by attending a Sunday brunch at the clubhouse. They had a buffet of extremely good breakfast food. Delicious biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs made with lots of sausage mixed in, grits, pancakes and more.

After breakfast, I made a supply run down to the local Walmart Superstore. We were almost out of cigarettes and I found a place with a sign advertising cheap cigarettes. I stopped to check it out, and was surprised to discover that they only sold roll-your-own varieties. It was a unique twist, in that they sold you the tobacco, wrappers, etc., then sent you over to a machine that automatically rolled the cigarettes. This allowed them to wave the normal taxes that have been piled on top of the cost of cigarettes. They ended up costing around $25.00 per carton..... a big savings. I was able to sample a number of blends of tobacco and choose the one I liked best. Not only are they much cheaper, but there are no chemicals in the tobacco or filters. I purchased a carton for myself as well as one for Dodie. The lady in the shop told me that these stores are getting popular, and I should be able to find one in the Lakeland area. I hope so, since the savings are significant. I know....... I should stop smoking. Someday.

After my shopping expedition, I went over to the pool area to cool off. It was a beautiful afternoon for taking a swim and soaking up some sun. Also, I spent some quality time in the jaccuzi in order to get some back and neck muscles loosened up. I should sleep like a baby tonight.

I am beginning to like this place. All of the residents are friendly and the facilities are new and "top notch". We will definately come back and spend more time here soon.

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