Sunday, March 20, 2011

Murphy's Law

First thing this morning Jason, my son-in-law, and I hooked the jet boat to the Hummer and took it over to the Jolly Roger's boat ramp. I backed it down the ramp into the water, leaving it on the trailer until I could climb aboard and start the engine. There was a considerable current and I didn't want to float off the trailer until I had the engine running. That turned out to be a good decision. When I turned the key to start the engine..... guess what...... you guessed it, the battery was dead. Seems that the VHF marine radio was left on and ran the battery down. We pulled the boat back up the ramp and returned it to our site. After putting a charger on the battery, we decided this was not the day for boating in the Florida Keys. By this time, the wind was picking up and we decided to hit the water another day. Since we are planning to make a day trip to Key West tomorrow, that day will need to be Tuesday.

We had lunch at a bar and grill on the water called Sparky's. I
had a blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich, which was excellent, and Dodie had yellow rice & black beans. She enjoyed her meal until she found a hair in it. Mentioning it to the waiter, we were told in no uncertain terms that "Our entire kitchen staff have shaved heads". No apology what so ever. Needless to say, he received a smaller tip than I usually leave our waiters. We were not asking for a refund, and thought he could have handled the situation a little more tactfully.

In the afternoon, Sandra & Jason took our two grandkids Evan and AJ to the "Swim with the Dolphins adventure". The general admission was $20.00 a head, and to actually swim with the dolphins, was $200.00. They elected for general admission. We have been exposed to dolphins for years being out on the water in our boats, so Dodie & I decided we would hang out at the motor home instead.

Evan lounging after the "Dolphin Adventure"

After observing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, we all settled in at the motor home while I grilled porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes. Sandra was in charge of the salad. We all ate until we could eat no more, but after a walk down by the shore, we did manage to consume a whole Key Lime pie. It was a great evening.

Sunset in the Florida Keys

       Sandra with AJ in his "pouch"

                                                             The whole gang

                                                                  A great new family

              The end of a beutiful day........ Where was Jimmy Buffet????


  1. Jeez Paul, that radio was probably turned on since we tested it with you in the motorhome!

    Harbor Freight has a 1.5 watt solar charger that would keep that battery topped up.

    It sounds like you would not have been on the water too long anyway what with the the wind. Have fun on the Keys, wish we were there!

  2. Im have a solar trickle charger. I'll have to dig it out when I get home and hook it up on the boat.

    The jet boat is a little small for the open water down here in the Keys, and I'm being supper cautious about taking the small boys out unless the water is very calm. I need a larger boat for here. I should have left it at home and rented a boat here for a day. Probably wouldn't have cost any more than the extra fuel driving two vehicles this far. Hind sight is always easier than far sight.

    Hope you are having fun in Charlotte.