Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A beautiful day in Lakeland

It was a nice sunny day here in Lakeland. Croft & Norma were busy getting ready for their return trip home to Canada; Dodie & I were just as busy loading our motor home in preparation for our trip to the Keys.

Around 2:00 PM I received a call from Donald at Old Salt Marine, informing me that the jet boat was ready to pick up, having completed the installation of the VHF marine radio antenna. As much as we both had left to do, we couldn't resist the temptation. We hopped in the Hummer, picked up the jet boat and went to the lake for a boat ride. Donald came along with us for the "lake trial". I was happy he did, since I wanted to get his opinion on how the engine was performing out on the water under a load. It has a new engine, and this was my first opportunity to test it. If there was a problem, I wanted to discover it now, not after I got all the way to the Keys. I was happy to discover that everything checked out great.

Croft & Donald in jet boat    
 The boat performed perfectly, even after Donald put it through its paces far beyond what I would have myself. His many years of experience with small, fast boats allowed him to put the boat through manuevers that I would not have dared to have attempted. It was a nice hour of so on the water.

Croft making sure I was driving the boat safely.

Later, Croft, Norma, Dodie & I went to the Golden Coral and had our farewell meal before they leave us tomorrow morning. I won't comment on the other three, but I ate at least one platefull more than I should have. It was a great evening, though. We really hate to see our good friends leave. It has been a pleasure having them here visiting with us. Have a great trip home, Croft & Norma. Hopefully we will be able to meet again in the not-too-far future.

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