Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, we're on the water

We awoke this morning to a beautiful day and very little wind. It was time to put the jet boat into the water and have some fun.

We went out to a sandbar and anchored. The water was a very comfortable temperture, crystal clear and just the right amount of salt content to make you feel great. We snorkeled and swam. It was great.

Who wants to come for a ride? 

              Captain Evan driving the boat


End of the day, looking at the Western sky

Since we are leaving in the morning, we took the boat out of the water before a quick shower, then dinner. We went back to the Wreck Bar & Grill. The food was just as delicious as it was our first night. As usual, we all ate more than we should, but what the heck, we can diet later..... Maybe.


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