Saturday, March 26, 2011

The jet boat is getting closer to home

I left for Ft. Lauderdale this morning and made the five hour round trip to retreive the jet boat. It is now parked in the storage area here in Silver Palms RV Village in Okeechobee. Dodie's eye is not that much better today, so I'm not sure she will be up to driving the Hummer back to Lakeland tomorrow. I'll just have to wait and make a decision on how to proceed tomorrow. We may stay over another day and hope that her eye will be well enough for her to drive back Monday, or simply leave the boat here until I can come back and pick it up later. The resort has graciously offered to let me store it here, so that may be my best option. It is a shame that Florida law does not permitt towing two rigs behind the motor home. I could very easily do that if it was legal. 

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