Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Rainy Day in Okeechobee

We woke to a cloudy, rainy day this morning. Not the type of day I wanted to put Dodie behind the wheel of the Hummer with her eye problem. It was not a hard decision to stay another day at Silver Palms. It rained most of the day with only brief periods of relief. After being on the go for the last couple weeks, we enjoyed relaxing in the motor home with the sound of rain on the roof. 

After having beef stroganoff and salad for dinner, I went to the jacuzzi. This could become a habit. We really should have one at home. I plan to look into the cost of a jacuzzi that would work for us as soon as we arrive back home. I have had jacuzzi's in the past, and almost forgot how much relief they can give to an aching back and muscles throughout your body. Maybe I can get Dodie's doctor to prescribe one for her back, then it would be deductible.


  1. If you put in a jacuzzi, you would have to raise the price of your RV Park! It would still be worth it though.

    We are still in Memphis enjoying Beale Street. Today we will visit Sun Records and maybe Stax and the get ready to head out to Little Rock and the Clinton Library. It is hard to go home!

  2. It would probably only raise the rent by one Golden Coral meal a month. LOL

    Glad you are enkoying your trip home. Paul & Dodie