Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Stormy Day in Central Florida

Fallen Tree
We awoke this morning to heavy rain, wind and thunder. Checking the weather report informed us that we were in for more of the same, including tornados dancing around our area. I received a number of calls from concerned friends checking to make sure that we were not in danger. Evidently our weather was making national news. We were fortunate not having a tornado set down on top of our house, but we did get some extreme weather, as the picture of this fallen tree shows. The tree has been dead for awhile and I have feared that it would come crashing down, but just have not taken the time to do it. I have dreaded cutting it up into five foot sections as required for refuge removal, considering it is like sawing through petrified wood. Most of the branches have fallen in previous storms, and have worn my chainsaw chain down to nothing. I just haven't taken the time to purchase a new chain. Now I have no choice.... it is off to Sears for a new chain.

I am sure we will experience rain for most of the day, but it looks like the worse has passed. There is still a tornado watch for most of central Florida until 8:00 PM tonight. Here is a radar shot showing the current activity. Fortunately, I needed to catch up on paperwork neglected from our recent trip, so the weather outside did not inconvenience me in the least. We did need the rain, as we have been experiencing a dry spell here.


  1. Ouch! Right in front of where we were parked. Too bad we were not still there, you would have had some help disposing of it.

    Or, just push it up against the fence. It would not take up too much room and it will rot soon enough!

  2. I think you might have a great idea as far as pushing it up against the fence. As you stated, it will rot, eventually...

  3. If there is an easier solution to a job, I can usually find it!