Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally, the jet boat is home

I left the house here in Lakeland this morning and headed back to Okeechobee to retreive the jet boat, which I left at Silver Palms yesterday. On the way, I stopped at a diner (Sebring Diner) that I noticed on our trip yesterday. The thing I noticed about the diner was the large number of cars in the parking lot. When I see that many cars parked at a resturant, I assume it is good. The only exception is when there are no other establishments available in the area. That was not the case, as resturants were plentiful in Sebring. My theory proved true. I had corned beef hash, eggs and home fried pototoes, all of which were delicious. I'm a succer for good breakfast food, not only in the morning, and this was about as good as it gets. If you are ever in the Sebring, Florida area, check this place out. They have a full menu and it all looked good.

Hummer & Boat ready for trip home

Jet Boat on Trailer
After arriving at the Silver Palms RV Village in Okeechobee, I hooked the boat to the Hummer; then stopped at the office to let them know I was taking it. When I ask if I owed them for storing it they said no. Its the little things that make you feel good about a place. I will definately return for another visit in the near future. 

Before leaving Okeechobee, I stopped at the "Tobacco Market" and purchased a couple more cartons. I wanted to stock up since they are so cheap, and I may not find a store like this in my area. The store was over-run with customers and it was a two hour wait before I left with my cigarettes. I normally would not have waited that long, but I utilized the time talking to the owner as to how the business worked. It just might be something to consider. The start-up costs are approximately $70,000.00 and Clint,the owner, stated that he recovered his initial investment in the first eight weeks. That's impressive! The above start-up figure includes two automatic rolling machines, but Clint only has one. He stated that you really need two machines, thus the back-up I experienced today in his store with only one. Anyone want to consider partnering on a store like this?

Parked outside the "Tobacco Market" store

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