Friday, March 11, 2011

Visit from friends

Since I just started this blog, I am attempting to bring everyone up-to-date on our recent activities.

We have some friends from NW Canada that we met in Mexico visiting us. Croft & Norma Randle. We spent a week or so with them in Isla Aquada, Mexico a couple years ago. They called and said they were coming into our area and would like to find an RV park close to us so we could visit. Since we have an RV pad with electric and water hook-ups here at the house, we invited them to stay with us in their motor home. They took us up on the offer, and we have thoroughly enjoyed having them here with us. Above is a picture of our pad.

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  1. All the comforts of home Paul, and then some! We really appreciate the hospitality, you make us feel at home.