Monday, March 21, 2011

A Lazy Day in the Keys

Dodie developed an infected eye during the night, so we told Sandra & Jason to go ahead and take the boys to Key West without us today. It was going to be extremely crowded, if not impossible, to load four adults, two kids with car seats and a stroller into the Hummer for the trip. That left me on my own, with Dodie in bed nursing her sore eye and the kids in Key West. I was sorry to miss the trip, but I will have to admit that I needed the day to catch up with my affairs on the computer along with some maintainence on the motor home.

I went to open the door on the refrigerator planning to fix a sandwich for lunch, and the door fell to the floor. The lower hinge busted completely apart from the door frame. Not a pretty picture when you're in the Keys and have several days left before coming home. I rummaged through my tool boxes and found a hose clamp. Cutting a section off, I was able to rivet it to the door frame and hinge, forming a splint. If I'm lucky, it will hold until we arrive back in Lakeland. 

It was quite windy here all day, so it was a good thing we hadn't planned to take the boat out. Hopefully, the wind will have calmed down by the morning so we can get some time on the water. Tomorrow is our last day in the Keys, and I hope I didn't tow the boat all the way here and not even get to use it. Oh well, if that's the case, we have had fun anyway.

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  1. The same thing happened to our fridge in 2009 in Pueblo, Mexico! Norma opened the fridge to get something at about 11:00 pm and the door fell right off in her hands. The bottom hinge had broken into pieces. We crazy glued all the shattered pieces back together and then used two metal "L" brackets for support. I had a tube of two part epoxy and used it to glue everything into a solid assembly.

    I called and emailed Dometic when we got home but they offered no help as the fridge was just out of warranty. I masked everything off and sprayed the repair black and ended up with a hinge that is probably more solid than the original and the repair is hardly noticeable.

    Here is my Blog post at the time with a photo.